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5 Ways to Watch Sports Online

Its summer 2013 and itís a great time to be a sports fan! Itís the postseason of the NBA and NHL as well as all the NFL and MBL, which means that the sporting calendar is pretty full. Thankfully, itís never been easier to watch sports online, whether youíre at home or on the move. Most of us have access to a high-speed internet connection, making missing that all-important goal a thing of the past. So if youíre wondering what are the best ways to watch all the crucial games from your computer, then check out the following websites.


If youíre into baseball then you canít live without MLB.TV, an online service that brings viewers all the baseball games they could ever need. There are different pricing options depending on your budget; and if you donít want to subscribe or arenít as die-hard a fan then they offer a free game of the week. Depending on your choice of package, complete game archives can be available so you can relive your teamís best moments any time.


NFL Game Rewind

For a reasonable price, NFL Game Rewind allows you to watch all of last seasonís games on demand, including playoff games and Super Bowl archives. During the season, you can watch any game after itís aired. Although, weíd all prefer to watch games as they happen, itís not always an option, so this is the next best thing. And the fees provide access from your mobile devices too.

MLS Live

Itís not nearly as big a deal as the NFL but soccerís popularity has been on the rise over the last decade; and itís impossible to ignore its appeal on a global scale. Major League Soccer now has an online streaming service: MLS Live. No matter which state you live in, you can access up to 250 out-of-market games with all the analysis and stats you could hope for.

[email protected]

Wimbledon is on the horizon and tennis fans around the world will be in a state of frenzy. If you canít make it to a TV when your favourite player is on [email protected] is a great option as it offers highlights of showdowns at the All England Club. It brings live coverage of crucial moments from the most important as well as a radio service.

CBS Sportsí ULive

You wonít be able to catch every game with CBS Sportsí ULive unless you have a subscription but it does offer quite a range of free content. You can choose from a selection of baseball, football, and other sporting games without having to pay a dime. You can even get hold of womenís college sports and less common offerings like water polo, if youíre looking for something a bit different.


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